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Letter to the American People

We have seen the best of America in the days since the tragedy.  Now I must sadly report that we are beginning to see some of the worst.  A gunman drove to a Mesa, Arizona gas station Saturday afternoon and fired at least three shots, killing the owner, police said.  Police say they don't have a motive, but the family of the Balbir Singh Sodhi, 49, the owner killed in the first shooting, believe it was racially motivated.  Harjit Singh Sodhi, 40, of Mesa, said the murderer targeted his brother because he looked Middle Eastern, with dark skin, a black beard and turban. The Sodhis are Sikhs from Punjab, India.

"Some people don't understand, because we are different, because we look like (terrorist Osama) Bin Laden," Sodhi said.. "But we are not Muslim."

Frank Roque, 42, was arrested late Saturday in connection with shootings at a second gas station and house, said Sgt. Mike Goulet, a police spokesman.  As Roque was handcuffed, he shouted, "I stand for America all the way," the East Valley Tribune reported.

Neighbors and store visitors said Balbir always had a kind word, handed out candy free to children and allowed skateboarding teens to hang around the station.  Harjit said his brother was very bright, earning perfect scores on Chevron's test to qualify station owners.

Balbir  was a symbol of what America is all about.  The immigrants of this country are America.  The un-American one is the man who shot him in cold blood because he was different.  Those of you whose ancestors came from the world over (which is almost all of us) should be outraged.  This American believes that to use the logic of these hate-mongering un-American people would require that everyone here who is not a 100% American Indian would be our enemy.  Do not allow this  un-American action of a few bastards stand.  They are as much the enemy of America as is Bin-Laden.

If you have any more information about this act of cowardice please contact the Mesa Arizona Police Department at: 1-480-644-2211

Michael Larson