How to buy lingerie for your wife or girlfriend.


Most men enter a lingerie store with fear in their eyes as they are forced to enter the forbidden land of bras and panties, nighties and camisoles, bustiers and garter belts. You don't have to be scared though. Buying lingerie that your partner will wear isn't difficult if you match your purchases to things that she feels comfortable and confident in. Many men want to buy lingerie that will make their partner feel confident and sexy without realizing that they have it exactly the wrong way around - make her feel confident and sexy first and she'll feel gorgeous in anything you buy her. Here are five simple steps to make sure that everything goes as well as you have hoped for.

Remember who this is for!
Many men make the mistake of buying lingerie that they would love to see their partners wearing without asking themselves whether their wife or girlfriend will share their enthusiasm. Are you buying a fantasy for yourself or something that will make your partner look and feel fantastic?


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Know her size!
We mean her measurements as well. Buy lingerie too small and she will not only be unable to fit in it, but she'll feel fat. Buy to big and she'll think you think she's fatter than she is. To avoid this pitfall, have a peak in her drawers to find out her bra, pant and clothing sizes Remember to look at the sizes of things you have seen recently! Many times there are clothes floating around your woman's closet or drawers that are "someday I will be that size again" clothes. Don't make the mistake of  buying a super-small size. That means that she can't ever wear what you buy her.

Don't be cheap!
It means a lot that you spend a lot. Don't be frugal. Nice lingerie can be expensive, but it's designed to be more flattering, fits better and is made of better materials. A decent pair of panties can cost $20.00

Not too slutty!
Always remember that there's a fine line between sexy and slutty and it's different for every woman. Communicate with your wife or girlfriend beforehand so that you know where her line lies. A lingerie catalogue can be a great tool for you to open a discussion.

Presentation is important!
Make your presentation as sexy as your gift. Have the store associate wrap it for you if you are not capable of doing it in a fine manner. Use tissue paper and include a small other gift with it such as a small bottle of her favorite perfume or aromatherapy candles so that the gift is seen as a total gift for her, it should be clear that it is not about you.

There is even a thought of view that you really shouldn't be buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife. Women have such huge complexes about their bodies that buying lingerie is a no-win situation for you. We do not agree with this, but it is very important that you follow these simple steps, or that could be the case.

Buying your lady lingerie is a beautiful tradition to start(and cheaper than jewelry) so remember to broaden your horizons. Sexy lingerie has its place, but so does sweet and luxurious sleepwear. A beautiful camisole and shorty set or a printed knit nightie from Eberjey or Free People is as versatile a gift as any.

Types of Lingerie you should consider:

The Bustier: These are generally rather tight upper body garments- as the name suggests- designed to accentuate the female bust. Typically, leggings or stockings may be attached to bustiers with the help of some straps.

The Chemise: These are light comfortable short dress like undergarments. They usually come complete with attractive necklines and spaghetti straps.

The Baby Doll: A baby doll is an extremely short night dress- which is just a tad bit longer than an average sized T-Shirt. Usually, baby dolls are sold with a matching panty set.

A Teddy: Nope we’re not talking about a little girl’s favourite toy- in lingerie a teddy is pretty much similar to a swim suit. It has a seamless fitting top and a panty type bottom.

Housecoats/Kimonos: The closest counterparts to these garments would be bathrobes or dressing gowns. While they don’t actually fall into the regular lingerie category, they come in handy to quickly cover up in case of an emergency.

The thong: No man who’s ever seen pics of Britney in the tabloids of late can say they haven’t seen a thong. A thong is basically in between a regular panty and a G- String. While a panty would provide full coverage at the back and a G-String would not, a thong would be the median between the two.

Boy shorts: Although this particular type of lingerie- with its obviously masculine origin- may not fit the bill of the ‘perfect’ female lingerie- men just can’t seem to get enough of them. Especially when a woman teams a pair of man shorts with a lacy brasserie- you can be sure she’ll be beating them off with a stick.

A video guide to picking lingerie for men from ehow

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