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Letter Machine
This program will help you write a letter to request scholarship information. 
(Just copy and paste the finished product to a printable format word, works etc.)

Tools for the Collegian
A collection of links to tools that every college student needs.
What to Bring
A complete list for the first time frosh.
Alcohol on campus
A Special Report

The University of Phoenix, with campuses in 65 cities, is the largest private university in the United States. Unlike other schools that offer a limited number of classes via the Internet, University of Phoenix Online offers complete programs including Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees. Courses are offered one at a time, for six weeks, so you can explore each subject in more depth.


College Rankings
Contributed by Christine "Chrissy" Schneider

Undoubtedly every student that's either in college or applying to college has seen the infamous list of US News rankings. They publish an annual list that ranks schools on everything from the total annual contributions of alumni to their academic reputation...More

Things to Know: Laundry for Guys!
Contributed by Rachel Sagalyn

Inevitably every time I go to do laundry, there's a poor guy there that looks very forlorn at the possibility of having to figure out how to get out the lipstick from a recent date out of a shirt collar or how to get dried salt off the bottom of his pants. Do you just launder it normally or is that what the Spray 'n Wash is for? Should I add bleach to the wash? What will Fabric softener do to my clothes? Well, here are your answers:......More

Contributed by unknown

An Ivy… Almost everyone can tell you that simple phrase refers to the most nation's academic conference and can probably even tell you which eight schools are members of this prestigious group. Is being a student at an Ivy League school all it's cracked up to be though? Goes going to an Ivy really make you a better student?...More

The Online Textbook War

The days of waiting in long lines at your school's bookstores hoping to trade in your books for 10% of the amount you paid for them in the first only to watch the bookstore mark them up 50% and sell them again are over. I figured I'd browse the online bookstores and see who would buy my books, how much money they'd give me, and how much they were re-selling them for..........More

Student Fees
Contributed by unknown

How many times have you looked at your Bursar bill and noticed a 30 or 40-dollar fee and had no idea what it was for?......More

Roommate From Hell
Contributed by unknown

Editors note: I think many of the people out  there have Roommate from hell stories. You are not alone. This is just one account of such a situation. Names have been changed to prevent any further psychological or physical damage.  Send us your roommate from hell stories and we will post them so that others out there can see that they are not alone in there situation, and hopefully get some insight on what to (and not to) do.  ....More

Long Distance Love
Contributed by Ravi Patel

What happens when you and your high school sweetheart pick different colleges to attend? You can do two things. The first group usually ends the relationship on good terms before parting ways and promises to stay friends.  Then, there's the few and faithful that believe that distance makes the heart grow stronger and decide


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