Tomato & Muscle Soup

A girl friend recently gave me this incredibly quick
easy and "cheap" recipie for tomato and muscle soup. 
I vary it according to my mood and pretty much guess 
proportions - here is goes:

fresh muscles
peeled and seeded tomatoes (canned are fine but fresh are better)
one to two onions depending on how many people you are feeding
fresh chilli
fresh garlic
fresh corriander (or your favourite fresh herb)
white wine
olive oil

Lightly saute the onion and garlic in a little olive oil until soft.
Add the tomatoes and chilli
Add white wine and lemon
Add the washed muscles - cover and wait for them to open.
Just as they open, add fresh corriander (or favourite)
Serve with crusty bread and if your inclined a good bottle of crisp white wine.

This usually takes about 10 minutes - is impressive and people think you are a legend.