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 Idiocracy: No long haired hippie types allowed

Texas has always thought it was above the US constitution, now we have proof.
And the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply.


In the small town of Leakey, Texas it is apparently against the rules to be either a hippie, or a Rastafarian for that matter while you are still in school.

We don't remember all of high school (we were way too stoned to remember all of it), so we cant say for sure, but our hair was long, and it didn't seem to have much effect on our learning what we needed to in high school. If you look at the picture of Daly, back in the late 70's we would have called him a short haired dude.

Daly is a Leakey High School senior who is being told by his school district to cut his hair, but the student is claiming religious values ban him from cutting it. He was told on the first day of school that his hair was too long. He was told to cut it or face discipline.

Daly is fighting the decision, and in the meantime, he is facing punishment.

Daly said he is being educated and isolated from the rest of his classmates because of his hair. He said sometimes he gets lonely, but the school district said he violated their rules and must be disciplined.

"I get to go outside for 15 minutes just to exercise," Daly said.

Leakey school superintendent Fred McNeil said Ben must follow the dress code like the other students. McNeil admitted Rastafarianism is a religion but needs the support of the school board.

"I talked to the superintendent, and that's when he supposedly got word from his attorney that my religion is illegitimate," Daly said.

Daly has vowed to keep fighting the decision, In the meantime, Daly will continue to be taught in isolation and will not be allowed to participate in school activities.

To be sure, Texas has always thought it was above the US constitution, now we have proof.


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