Hello Fellow Nutz,

   The World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked on Tuesday morning September 11th.  Along with our way of life.
   The Team at NutzWorld would like to send our deepest sorrow and condolences to those that's lives were shattered by the hellish attack. Our hearts and minds are with the families and loved ones of those who perished in these attacks.
We have gone temporarily dark out of tribute and sympathy to the victims and families of this National tragedy. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to them.
   We would like to also say on record that if any country is found responsible for these attacks to include housing knowingly those who carried it out, we call for that government's complete destruction and annihilation.
Do not let terrorism change the way you live, work, and feel. That is the goal of terrorism and if we do not press on, they have won a victory. Do not allow the terrorists any victory at all.

Through strength comes greatness,

---God Bless America!
---The NutzWorld Team
Michael Larson , Justin Larson, Althea Pashman, Danielle Balena, Mike Smith, Gary Araki, Keith Lenn


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Did you know that the United States does not negotiate with terrorists?.....A Must Read For All Americans By Todd Hartley

In Memoriam 
Pentagon World Trade Center A-D World Trade Center E-H
World Trade Center I - L World Trade Center M-P World Trade Center Q-T World Trade Center U-Z
United We Stand Screensaver
Author: Doris  (Email | HomePage)
Size: 677 Kb
Submitted: 2001-09-17
Description: My tribute to the terrible disaster in the USA. An American flag shadowed by our country with the words \"United We Stand.\" along with a bunch of stars that bounce. Theme available separately.

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Understanding the Opposing Mindset
By: Kent Thaler

I have had several conversations...some very heated...with people in my real life and through email where the subject of motive for the terrorist bombings in NY and Washington has come up.  In the course of one of these conversations a friend of mine asked why the Muslims hate us? He went on to suggest that it is because of our support for Israel.  He is wrong.  American support for Israel is but a symptom of a much deeper motive...FEAR....more

This was taken from CNN's website depicting the impact explosion of the 767 into the second World Trade Center tower. It has been unaltered aside from my sidei by side outline of the "devil" seen in the smoke. What do you think?
Matt Masi (masi2112@mindspring.com)


The American Spirit
(**** = Warning Adult Content)

You gotta hear this!

Lake Afghanistan    Kabul Forecast   ****Look up bin lauden  
****Lady Liberty Is Pissed         Uncle Sam is pissed

Bush Address To The Nation
September 11, 2001

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Bush  at National Cathedral
September 14, 2001

Letter to the American People
Mesa Az. Man Doesn't "get it"

Remarkable piece 
B. Leonard Pitts - Miami Herald

The Opposing Mindset

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Thank You World
A Pictoral

You gotta hear this!

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