All American Pot Roast

Ingredients: (8 servings)

1 large onion

1 bag of carrots

1 rib of celery

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

3 pounds chuck roast

teaspoon thyme, dried

1 bay leaf

2 tablespoons flour

salt and pepper to taste


Cut onion, carrot and celery in 2" chunks. Heat oil in a Dutch oven . Brown roast on all sides, about 15 minutes. Remove meat from oven. Add vegetables to oven and cook until golden, about 10 minutes.

Return meat to pot and add 1 cup of water, 2 teaspoons salt, teaspoon pepper, thyme and bay leaf. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat and simmer, covered, for about 2 hours.

Turn meat occasionally. Remove meat to a platter. Cover loosely with foil to keep warm.

Discard all the vegetables and the bay leaf. Skim fat from pan juices. Gradually add 1/2 cup water into the flour. Add the flour mixture to the pan and cook, stirring, until the gravy comes to a boil and thickens.