Dutch Oven Cobbler

Ingredients: (serves 10)

2 #2 cans fruit or pie mix (peaches, apples, pineapple, etc.)

1 box white or yellow cake mix

pound butter


Butter inside of Dutch oven (use only ovens with lipped top because you need to put coals on top of oven). Alternatively, you can line the inside of the Dutch oven with aluminum foil.

Place fruit in bottom of oven. Cover with cake mix and level it. Cut butter into about 10 pieces and scatter over cake mix. It is ready to bake. (Note: If you use peaches, you may need to dispose of about of the liquid. Crushed pineapple has about the right amount of liquid.)

Place about 8 coals under the Dutch oven and about 16-20 coals on top of oven. Check after 30 minutes. Baking is often complete at 45 minutes.

Final Note: Because the Troop often has 100 or so people to feed and a substantial use of Dutch ovens, we have in recent years doubled the recipes in each oven. The number of coals for baking remains the same. Watch the baking closely since it is easier to burn the top of the cobbler with the double recipe.