My wife had spotted a recipe that she thought would be great for me to cook. I was reading "Scouting" magazine and low and behold, I came across a recipe for pizza in a Dutch oven. Now I had two recipes that I wanted to save. After typing them up on the computer, I decided to kill some time and surf the Internet. I did a search on Dutch ovens and the result is several months of work and this book.

This book is a collection of recipes and ideas from that search plus additions from various other scouting resources (like Pow Wow books and Scout basic training handouts). I have done my best to ensure that permission for using this material was obtained. I do not consider myself the author of this book. I have just assembled the talents of many people into a collection of recipes for ease of use.

Some of the material contained within has restrictions attached by the original authors. The below list contains two major sources for the material in my book and their usage statements.


Dutch Oven Cooking (c)1990 by Mike Audleman -:For FREE Duplication This book is intended to be reproduced by and for Boy Scout Troops, any other use whether or not used for profit is a violation of copyright laws and is punishable by fines or imprisonment or both.


Dutch Oven Cooking Version 2.3 -- July 1995 Original Compilation in 1990 © by Mike Audleman With additional editing in 1994 and 1995 by John W. Lyver, IV, ASM, Troop 1577, Herndon, VA For FREE Duplication Within the World Brotherhood of Scouting