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WAMU, JP Morgan Chase, and the FDIC - Who exactly is looking out for you?
While the markets were closed, and the Chairman of Washington Mutual was on a flight from New York to Seattle, the largest theft in US history took place. Although there has been negative news about the financial stocks for the past few  months, including Washington Mutual,the FDIC and Washington Mutual repeated assurances that the bank was in good shape through 2010 over and over and the fact that WaMu met it's daily requirements. If that is the case, the seizure and immediate for profit sale of WAMU to JP Morgan Chase raises many questions...more

Are You Making Any of These 10 Deadly Small Business Mistakes?

These traps/mistakes are common to many entrepreneurs and small business owners...more

An Investment That Paid Off

Karyn Martin was cautious about launching her freelance career online, but she soon got results:

"I remember the days when I dreamed of being a freelancer," she says. "The word seemed magical to me somehow. Romantic, almost. Now, after having actually been a freelancer for a while, the scales have been lifted from my eyes and I have seen the light...more

"Business Dashboard"

When you are driving down the road, a quick glance at your car's dashboard gives you a lot of information. In an instant, you know how fast you're going, how much fuel you have remaining and whether the engine is overheating.

Why not have a business dashboard? You can drive your company by using the information on your business dashboard. Today's article tells you how....more

How to Start a Freelance Career

Imagine being able to work from your own home, doing a job you love, and getting paid handsomely for doing it. Wouldn't that be great?

Well, the good news is that this is not just a fantasy. It is a prospect that is well within your reach. Today, millions of people worldwide have established highly-successful careers as freelance professionals...

Leadership Tips
How To Lead and Manage People Effectively

In organizations we must work with and for others. To be able to mutually achieve our goals we must be able to relate to others effectively. These ideas will help you do just that....more

Instant Access to Thousands of Work-at-Home Jobs

Just imagine...working from home, earning a high income, working around your personal schedule, selecting only projects that interest you...doesn't the life of a freelancer sound great? For many millions of people, this kind of lifestyle is already a reality. Countless people have fired their boss, moved to where the quality of life is better and started having fun through a work-at-home freelance career...more

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