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Local Guides to Popular US Cities

With a growing, diverse population and an eye on business, Atlanta has become increasingly cosmopolitan while still holding on to its easygoing Southern charm. Read more

"Charm City," as locals call it, is a fascinating mix of grit and refinement. Vestiges of the region's historic past mingle with modern development, creating a vibrant waterfront city with charming neighborhoods and eclectic culture. Read more

When you first encounter Boston, you'll likely be struck by its beauty. It certainly won't disappoint the die-hard tourist looking for historic buildings, museums and cultural sites. Read more

Charlotte is the demure Southern belle who wants to be taken seriously. She's a financial whiz with a penchant for the arts and a business-oriented lass who's both modern and traditional. Read more

Everything about Chicago is big. Its history, its swagger, its size. Even its addiction to sports is jumbo. It's a huge, gracious, raucous city pumped full of superlatives. Read more

Cleveland rocks, all right, and more than a million fans from all over the world prove it each year with their lakeside pilgrimage to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. But the city has come into its own as a destination, and the Rock Hall isn't the only draw. Read more

J.R. Ewing of the 1980s hit TV show of the same name. A sad November day in 1963 when a president was assassinated. No matter what image the city evokes, make sure you pronounce it "Deh-lis" like the locals and ready youself for the sheer vastness of life here. Read more

Perhaps it's the gorgeous climate that makes Denver such an affable place: In fall, the air is crisp and dry; winter sees plenty of sun, as well as dazzling snows; spring brings skies the color of a robin's egg. Read more

Detroit is a town full of contradictions, but what's clear is the forward motion: Downtown Detroit is slowly but certainly revivifying, drawing both businesses and residents. Read more

Honolulu is where streets are lined with palms and cruise ships dock amid skyscrapers. But don't be seduced by the ambiance: It's a multicultural business capital where America and Asia meet. Read more

A sprawling city with a small town attitude, Houston is elegant and rustic, a multicultural gem that successfully maintains its southern sensibility. Read more

It's known as the "Crossroads of America," and not just because half the U.S. population is within a day's drive. Indy is the city where down-home meets sophistication and barbecue meets gourmet. Read more

 Las Vegas
Vegas is the randy teenager of American cities: impulsive, overtly risqué (although tamer than we'd like you to think), trying hard to build the cultural depth that comes naturally with age and experience. Read more

 Los Angeles
The City of Angels' near-perfect weather is legendary, and the multi-ethnic flavor provides opportunities to sample cuisines and cultural traditions. Read more

Miami is hot, and it's not just the sultry subtropical clime. The city moves to a Latin beat that's as torrid as Tito Puente's drums and as fiery as Celia Cruz's voice, and visitors come to bask in its feverish glow. Read more

 Minneapolis/St. Paul
They are hardly the twins that their nickname suggests. St. Paul, the state capital, is home to the historic capital building, the upscale homes of Summit Avenue and a superb shopping area along Grand Avenue. Minneapolis, on the west side of the mighty Mississippi, has nightclubs, theaters and trendy neighborhoods. Read more

Nashville is still on the way up. The population has grown at a healthy rate since 1990. Restaurants and nightclubs spring up almost weekly. New buildings emerge on the skyline with regularity. Read more

 New York
As a center for media, finance, fashion and the arts, New York draws business and leisure travelers from around the world, and the city's renowned restaurants, museums, shopping and cultural attractions provide inexhaustible options for visitors. Read more

In the more than three decades since Disney forever changed the face of central Florida, spin-off growth created by the Magic Mouse, Universal Orlando and other attractions has tripled the population of Orlando. Read more

Philadelphia has always been about freedom, whether its from political or religious tyranny or the shackles of slavery. Nowadays, freedom in the City of Brotherly Love is taking a whole new twist. Read more

Think L.A. without an ocean, but with more golf courses and drier heat. The Valley of the Sun, as Phoenix also is known, is one of the country's fastest growing metroplexes. Read more

Explorers Lewis and Clark were relieved to get back to Washington, D.C., in 1806, but if they could see Portland now, they might wonder why they were in such a hurry. Read more

 Salt Lake City
Salt Lakers opened their arms to the world as host of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and showed visitors the city's charm: fine dining, great shopping and a bounty of recreational opportunities — all amid the stunning landscape of the Wasatch mountains. Read more

 San Diego
With a reputation (duly justified) for perfect weather, endless beaches and outdoor lifestyles, San Diego offers temptations that make it difficult to concentrate on business. Read more

 San Francisco
San Francisco is a city that likes to reinvent itself every few years, sometimes because it can (Gold Rushes past and present), and sometimes because it has to (earthquakes past and present). Read more

Sleepless in Seattle? Don't worry — step out your hotel door any time day or night, and the "Emerald City" offers something to entertain, educate or simply amaze you. Read more

 St. Louis
With iconic images like the Gateway Arch, plus charming, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods and top-flight architectural attractions, St. Louis continues to beguile residents and first-time visitors alike. Read more

 Tampa/St. Petersburg
The two sides of Tampa Bay also have separate faces. Tampa boasts Busch Gardens and the Florida Aquarium, but tends to draw a business travel crowd, while St. Petersburg visitors can take to the beaches, and tour the Salvador Dali or Florida International museums. Read more

 Washington, D.C.
Politicians on either side of the aisle have a hard time arguing about the pomp and majestic circumstance of Washington. Dominated by distinguished buildings, inspiring monuments and remarkable museums, D.C. is definitely a capital city. Read more